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Successful B2B lead nurturing programs keep qualified prospects engaged and proactively moving through their buy process (and your sales pipeline).

Today’s business buyers expect personal interactions and information that is highly relevant and timely based on their unique and specific needs.

Our B2B lead nurturing solutions help clients further penetrate target accounts and continually engage with qualified prospects. Common lead nurture solutions include content marketingremarketing, programmatic media buying and email nurture programs.



We ensure that your lead nurture strategy is aligned with customers’ behavior. Digital marketing channels and the content/assets provided are aligned with buyers’ needs at every stage of the customer journey.

We measure success based on lead nurturing KPIs such as:

  • Account penetration
  • Prospect engagement
  • Pipeline velocity

Avid Demand works with B2B enterprises that utilize many different lead nurture platforms and systems. Our goal is to ensure accuracy, consistency, efficiency and effectiveness across an integrated and comprehensive digital marketing program regardless of the technology deployed.

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