Reinventing the B2B Digital Agency Experience

Our Credentials

We earn the right to be your partner… not your vendor

Our goal is to become an extension of your marketing team, a trusted partner and your “go to team” for growth. We embrace opportunities, identify challenges and solve problems as a collective team.

We believe in long-term relationships

Founded in 1999, we have a 20-year track record of success. Churn is not a problem at Avid Demand. We form long-lasting partnerships with our employees, partners and clients.

  • Average duration of Avid Demand-client relationship: 4.5 years
  • Employees’ average tenure at Avid Demand: 6 years
  • Employees’ average digital marketing experience: 15 years

We are data-driven and focused on your ROI

We combine our human ingenuity and experience with cost-effective technology and automation.

We take pride in delivering quick wins and long-term results.
Your digital improvement program is data-driven, based on marketing analytics (not opinions).

We are fast, agile, and able to adapt to your changing business needs.

We believe in continual improvement

We understand that once we beat your goals… the bar will be raised, and more challenging goals will be set.

In order to ensure continual improvement, we measure > test > iterate across all of our lines of business. Our motto is “fail fast in order to win big”.

Our Promise

Avid Demand is reinventing the B2B digital marketing agency experience

100% senior-level, B2B marketing experts work on your team

No long-term contracts. 30-day cancellation, at any time

Total transparency and access to all systems

You retain ownership of all marketing information and assets

Customized marketing strategy designed for your business

Personal accountability for bottom-line business results

We prove marketing’s contribution to revenue

All US-based team of digital specialists

All programs include a Digital ROI Dashboard

Our Values

at Avid Demand, we are passionate about

Earning the right to be your trusted partner, every day.

Ensuring you have complete confidence in our work.

Taking personal accountability for your success.

Proving our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Continual improvement. Raising the bar from good to great.

Serving you with integrity and humility.