Our Client Guarantee

Every Avid Demand client is guaranteed these 7 things...

A ROI Performance Dashboard

A customized, data-driven dashboard that proves marketing ROI.

  • Integration with your mar tech stack allows us to measure & improve KPIs like pipeline progression and contribution to revenue.

Ownership of All Marketing Assets

All intellectual property is yours to keep.

  • You own all accounts, campaigns, assets, and performance data.
  • This “take it with you” approach ensures maximum flexibility.

No Long-Term Contracts

Minimize your risk. Maximize your options.

  • Terminate or change your contract at any time with only a 30-day notice.

No Junior Staff

Your team has at least 15 years average digital marketing experience.

  • Meet your entire team prior to kick-off.
  • You have direct access to 100% of our senior-level specialists.

US-Based Team

Your entire team is located in the United States

  • No off-shore team members
  • We easily serve clients across all time-zones

Fair Pricing

 We are committed to fair pricing for all clients.

  • No hidden fees.  Agency rates are based on time and effort required.
  • Clients have total visibility into all fees and are able to easily verify media spend.

Total Transparency

We share our agency’s proven methodology, tools and systems.

  • No black boxes. You know what we’re doing, and why.
  • Knowledge transfer is part of every relationship – if desired.

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