CRO Case Study: Increasing Demo Requests

Avid Demand May 1, 2020


Our client, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software and services was struggling to drive demo request leads.


We analyzed website behavior and identified 2 root causes:

  1. Visitors were not finding the “Request a Demo” Call-To-Action (CTA) which was the client’s top priority action.
  2. Visitors that did click through to the demo page were not taking action and completing the registration form.


Avid Demand’s testing strategy involved a two-phase approach:

  1. Phase I: Increase visitors’ awareness of the request a demo option, by increasing the prominence and relevance of this CTA within the site’s main menu navigational menu.
  2. Phase II: Increase the number of prospects who actually complete a registration form to request a demo by improving the perceived value and desirability of this action.

Phase I Results

Testing the CTA button in the main header navigation increased both traffic to the “Request a Demo” page and form submissions on that page.

Website Conversions Case Study - Navigation Bar

Variation 2 (“Schedule a Demo”) was the winning CTA version

  • Increasing clicks by 418.98%, and
  • Increasing leads (registration form submissions) by 127.05%

Phase II Results

We tested the overall look and feel of the Demo page as well as the page content. We also tested a 2-part registration form.

Website Conversion Case Study Control

Website Conversion Case Study Variation 1

Variation I of the test increased conversions (registration form submissions) by an additional 58.57%.

Reasons for the improved conversion rate include:

  • Page clearly states benefits of the demo
  • Page specifically states what prospects will learn
  • We implemented a 2-part registration form (with a shorter form on the initial landing page).


This two-phased testing approach made the DEMO more visible, more appealing, and generated significantly more quality leads.

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