SEO Blueprint provides a detailed roadmap for success. It’s a data-driven SEO strategy and implementation plan that ensures you are focusing on the most impactful SEO tactics, in the right order – enabling you to realize significant organic search improvements as quickly as possible.


SEO is a complicated, always evolving discipline which is impacted by ever changing, unpublished search engine algorithms. Implementing all the typical SEO tactics will likely deliver mediocre results.

Best practices provide a solid foundation, but customizationprioritization and focus are critical to your success. A SEO Blueprint is based on your unique marketplace, your competitors, your website, and your most important business and marketing priorities.

Let Avid Demand handle the market research and analysis required to ensure a focused and effective SEO Strategy & Implementation Plan.


The SEO Blueprint is perfect for companies looking for assistance with research, strategy and planning – but who want to handle implementation of SEO tactics themselves. It is a short-term, cost-effective, project designed to jump-start organic search improvements.


Here are the 8 deliverables you receive with a SEO Blueprint:

  • Search Analysis

We provide a detailed search query analysis related to your company/brands/solutions.

Goal: You understand searcher behavior as it relates to your business.


  • Prioritized Keyword List

We identify the highest priority keywords based on relevance, search volume, competition, and current brand visibility.

Goal: You know which keywords have the highest potential impact on organic search results.


  • Competitive Insights

We identify companies that are prominently displayed in organic results (for your priority keywords) and summarize likely reasons why they are ranking well.

Goal: You know what’s required to beat the competition.


  • Website Keyword Map

We map high-priority keywords to your individual website pages.

Goal: You have a page-by-page SEO Strategy for your website.


  • Content Gap Analysis

We identify high-priority keywords for which you do not have website content.

Goal: You have a prioritized list of topics for future content development efforts.


  • On-Page Optimizations

We write optimized Page Titles and Descriptions and provide suggestions for Page Headlines.

Goal: You know exactly what/how to implement, based on SEO industry best practices.


  • Technical Fixes

We identify website errors, indexing issues, and other SEO technical challenges, and provide recommendations to fix these problems.

Goal: You eliminate technical issues that may prohibit organic search improvements.


  • Site Map

We build and deliver a XML Site Map

Goal: Search engines find and crawl all of your optimized content.


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