Avid Demand Offers Franchise Marketing Scorecard

Avid Demand December 15, 2015

Avid Demand (formerly SmartSearch Marketing), a leading digital marketing agency specializing in search marketing solutions for medium- to large-sized franchise operations, today announced the release of a franchise digital marketing scorecard. The scorecard is available to all multi-location businesses interested in investigating the effectiveness of their online marketing program.

“Digital marketing presents unique challenges for franchise and multi-location businesses,” said Patricia Hursh, vice president of client delivery. “Measuring the overall effectiveness of a franchise brand is one component, making sure each location experiences maximum digital exposure is another. At Avid Demand, we know what it takes to execute a successful digital marketing program for franchise and multi-location businesses.”

The franchise digital marketing audit evaluates local landing pages, local listings, and local customer reviews. All three components are important to assess the effectiveness of a multi-location digital marketing program. The franchise digital marketing scorecard includes:

  • Local Landing Page ScoreDo local webpages contain all the information that a prospective customer would need to take action? Are the pages optimized for local searches?
  • Local listing score – Is the local listing accurate and complete for Google Local? Is the franchise Yelp page accurate and complete?
  • Customer Review Score – How are local business reviews and responses handled?

Contact Avid Demand and find out if you’re eligible for a complimentary Franchise Digital Marketing Scorecard, https://aviddemand.com/franchise-digital-marketing-scorecard.

Since 1999, Avid Demand has served national and regional brands with multiple locations.

For more information about Avid Demand products and services, visit https://aviddemand.com.

About Avid Demand

Avid Demand (formerly SmartSearch Marketing) has been in business since 1999, specializing in search marketing solutions for medium to large sized B2B companies. Agency value comes from extraordinary service, strategic leadership, and deep technical expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising, and conversion improvement.

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