Landing Page Case Study: Dynamic Content

Avid Demand May 1, 2020


One of our enterprise clients provides ERP software and services for global manufacturers. Avid Demand has developed several lead-gen micro-sites for this client. We manage highly-targeted paid media campaigns across multiple ad channels to drive prospects to these pages.


Searcher behavior and keyword research indicates that thousands of searches per month are being conducted related to the topic of “lean manufacturing”.  These searchers were being driven to the micro-site, but prospects were not taking the desired action.


Avid Demand worked to further segment visitor behavior data for each target persona.  By utilizing dynamic content on the micro-sites Avid was able to better align keywords and ad copy with landing page messaging to boost paid media conversion rates.

Specifically, we matched the prospects’ search query, with the message and keywords in the search ad – which enticed searchers to click on the ad. Then, when visitors clicked-through to the microsite, prospects saw that same keyword, or phrase, in the headline of the landing page.



Dynamic Content proves to be a cost-effective method to align searcher intent with advertiser information, which leads to improved conversion and ROI.

By aligning messages from search query >> to ad copy >> to landing page, Avid Demand was able to increase engagement and improve conversion rates.

  • After the first month of implementing Dynamic Content Substitution / Message Match, more than 60% of visitors searching for Lean Manufacturing- related keywords, engaged with some element of the micro-site (compared to 0 – 24% rates prior to testing)
  • Conversion rates also increased dramatically. Before testing, conversion rates were at 0% for all keywords in this test. After testing, conversion rates increased within the first month by more than 12%.

In the first month of testing, our conversion rate increased 16% for high-priority search queries. Avid Demand’s CRO Program enabled us to drive additional qualified leads every month, for the duration of our test program” – Kerry Allen, QAD Sr. Director, Marketing

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