SEO Case Study: Evergreen Content

Avid Demand October 9, 2018


A Colorado-based real estate development company partnered with Avid Demand (formerly SmartSearch Marketing) to manage their SEO program.  The goal of their website is to engage prospective buyers, have them use a “Home Finder” tool, and contact the company for more information.


The company started a blog to create more awareness of events and activities and show buyers that their master planned community had more to offer than just beautiful homes.

The blog was popular and did lead to an increase in traffic, but Avid Demand saw an opportunity for much greater improvement.

Organic Blog Traffic Increases


The Avid Demand team developed a comprehensive SEO program that included several best practices along with an evergreen content strategy.

Evergreen Content 

  • The community has many annual events, and every year the company would create a new blog post for each event, with a new URL
  • Avid recommended an alternative solution: create a single optimized page for each event and update that page URL every year with new dates and new event information.
  • Avid’s optimization of these evergreen event pages included: title tags, meta descriptions, h1 tags, and an internal linking plan.



The evergreen content strategy played a key role in increasing organic blog traffic 146% over the first 12 months, and 137% the subsequent year.

Increased Organic Blog Traffic


The even better news is that the increased traffic driven from the evergreen blog strategy led prospective buyers to engage with the “Home Finder”, interact more deeply with the website, and contact the company.

Increased Organic Conversions

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