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Kate Powell December 13, 2012

Branding in B2B search engine marketing is a constant topic for debate. All B2B marketers realize that online brand awareness and recognition is extremely important, and most marketers already promote their brand via PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) programs.

To increase the effectiveness of your efforts, I also recommend implementing remarketing. A short B2B remarketing success story is given below. First, what is remarketing?

Remarketing Defined

Remarketing is a search advertising feature that allows business marketers to reach prospects who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads as they visit other sites across the Google Display Network (GDN).

Specifically, when visitors leave your website without interacting, or registering, or purchasing — remarketing helps you connect with these potential customers while they browse other websites.

This keeps your brand “top of mind” and allows you to present a compelling message or offer to encourage them to return to your website.

B2B Remarketing

Retailers typically use remarketing to present an offer that motivates consumers to complete a transaction (or shopping cart purchase) that they previously abandoned. But, remarketing offers benefits that go way beyond consumer shopping…

For B2B companies, I have found that remarketing significantly improves brand awareness and recognition, market “buzz,” prospect interaction, and lead generation.

Example B2B Remarketing Campaign

I currently manage a remarketing campaign for Confio™ Software. Confio provides IT tools for database administrators and developers.

Confio’s remarketing campaigns is highly targeted and specifically designed to reach prospects based on the exact type of information they were looking for when they visited the site previously.

We have tagged the Confio website with specific remarketing code that is aligned to lists or specific audiences based on their interaction with the site. By interaction, I mean that they visited a specific section of the site and we are able to identify that activity and target them with unique messaging based on this, allowing ads to be served based on the visitors’ specific needs.

The customer feedback, and “market chatter” has been nothing but positive, and the remarketing campaign has driven a great deal of impressions at a lower cost than a display/banner campaign. I have found that cost-per-impression for remarketing campaigns can be up to 50% less expensive than general display campaigns.

Example Remarketing Ad

Confio’s remarketing campaign features “Monster Ads” which were used to highlight the common problems Database Administrators deal with. Here is an example of a Confio Monster remarketing banner ad:

Confio’s marketing team was very pleased with their remarketing results.

A quote from Confio CMO Don Bergal:

“Remarketing has become an important tool for us to create initial awareness in our focused target market, and we are able to get far more impressions in front of this audience than possible with other programs. For those who already know us but see Confio only occasionally, it’s amazing the number of people who reach out and say they were surprised to see us show up on such a diverse range of sites. I think most people still don’t get it — they see us targeting websites, but really, we are targeting them.”

Don’t Miss The B2B Remarketing Advantage

Remarketing can take your online marketing program to a whole new level. The cost-effective impressions you gain through targeting visitors who previously visited your website will increase brand awareness, recall and interaction.

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