Avid Demand: 100% Google Advertising Certified

Patricia Hursh June 18, 2012

Avid Demand (formerly SmartSearch Marketing), a Google Ads Certified Partner, announced today that every member of its paid media team is fully certified in all Google Ads functions.

To become a Google Ads Certified Partner in the Google Ads Certification Program, a company must:

  • Have managed at least a $10,000 spend over 90 days
  • Have at least one individually qualified employee
  • Adhere to Google terms and conditions

Individual qualification is a way of demonstrating proficiency in Google Ads, attained by studying for and passing the Google certification exams including one fundamentals exam and one advanced exam.

Avid Demand’s uniquely successful approach to search marketing, called Search Lifecycle Management, maximizes customers’ results from a prospect’s first search all the way through to customer acquisition and sale. Avid’s clients are guaranteed to have a Google Certified Google Ads expert serving them as part of their integrated agency team. Avid serves both B2B and B2C companies by offering comprehensive search solutions that include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Search advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Media buying and creative services
  • Website usability
  • Landing page development
  • Conversion improvements
  • Marketing analytics

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Patricia Hursh is the president and founder of SmartSearch Marketing. Today she leads the Client Services division of the agency. She specializes developing digital strategies and full-funnel marketing solutions for B2B companies. Patricia leads multi-functional teams to ensure bottom-line business results for SmartSearch Marketing’s clients.