Content Development to Fill SEO Gaps

Joe Goers November 8, 2017

In a recent blog post title “SEO Content Gap Analysis Explained”, I explained what a content gap analysis is and how to find content gaps in regards to SEO. Now that you have found your content gaps and have a list of keywords you are going to target it’s now time to get your hands dirty and generate content. How, you ask? Here are 4 content generation ideas to help you create the content you need to fill those content gaps.

Content Generation Ideas for Filling SEO Content Gaps

Traditional Marketing Collateral

Reviewing marketing collateral (brochures or sell sheets) on specific products and services can be an easy way to find some content for you to fill content gaps. Remember to reach out to your client and ask if they have any marketing collateral that you could review that would help aid you in your content generation strategy.


Videos are a good way help with content generation. Check the website for videos and/or reach out to the clients to see if they have any videos or a YouTube channel you can subscribe too. Watch their videos and see if anything sticks out. There may some content within the videos that you can elaborate on. Eve if there really isn’t any good content to use at least you can say you watched them.


Saying the word “PDF” around a SEO professional is like saying a bad word as PDF’s don’t provide the best SEO value. But they may contain valuable content that you could use to generate content. Review the site you are working on and see if there are any PDFs that you can use to help give you some content ideas to fill gaps.


If all else fails, then it might be a good time to outsource your content creation. There are plethora of copywriters for hire that can whip up some content at some affordable prices. Do your research and make sure you find a copywriter that has written content that aligns with content on your website. Ask to see some examples to ensure they are the right fit for your content creation needs.

These are just 4 content generation ideas to help you generate content for fill SEO content gaps and there are plenty more. If you are struggling to get content on your site to move the needle on your SEO efforts then check out our SEO Services page and you can learn more how we can assist you.

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Joe Goers is a Sr. SEO Specialist with over 8 years of experience. He has a Bachelor of Science in Packaging and an MBA with a focus in Marketing from Walsh College. Joe has extensive experience working in automotive, real estate, multi-family, marketing and software industries.