SEO Case Study: Blog Optimization Improves Organic Conversions by 85%

Avid Demand August 29, 2022


One of the top cloud-managed networking companies partnered with Avid Demand for B2B SEO services, including optimization of existing website content as well as optimization of new content.


The company requested a SEO Plan to improve brand positioning for top-priority keywords. Specifically, their objective was to improve organic search visibility, traffic and conversions.

They had a blog section on their website but the content was not fully-optimized for organic search. The content they were publishing was mainly tailored to existing customers and users at the bottom of the funnel who were already familiar with their brand name, products and services.


Avid Demand took time to understand the company’s needs and created a customized SEO Content Strategy tailored to meet their unique goals and KPIs.  Our strategy included the following 7-step process:

  1. Market research and search trend analysis
  2. Keyword research
  3. Keyword categorization and prioritization
  4. SERP analyses
  5. SEO Content Briefs
  6. Internal linking
  7. On-page optimizations

Avid Demand delivered specific optimized content recommendations, which enabled the client’s content team, and helped them achieve significant improvements in organic visibility, traffic and conversions.


Blog: Organic Keyword Rankings

SEO Keyword Ranking Improvements

Organic visibility/rankings improved by 120% (Sep 2020 to Jun 2022).

Blog: Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic Improvements

Organic traffic improved by 52% (Sep 2020 to Jun 2022).

Blog: Organic Conversions

Organic Conversion Improvements

Organic conversions improved by 85% (Sep 2020 to Jun 2022).

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