CRO Case Study: Mobile Lead Gen

Avid Demand January 15, 2018


One of our enterprise clients provides web and application security solutions for global companies. SmartSearch manages highly-targeted digital advertising campaigns across several channels to drive prospects to lead-gen micro-sites that we design, develop, host and continually improve through CRO testing.


Avid Demand (formerly SmartSearch Marketing) has been managing a successful landing page program for this company for more than two years, continually improving conversion rate and lead gen results.

  • Challenge #1: after two years of testing it is difficult to continue increasing conversion rates.
  • Challenge #2: more than 80% of their website traffic comes from mobile devices so success is directly tied to the mobile experience on the landing page.


By focusing our CRO test plan specifically on the mobile user, we were able to drive significant,  incremental conversion improvements where they have the largest impact on lead gen results.


Over a 12-month period we were able to achieve a 63.42% increase in leads (form submissions) for this client’s mobile audience.

Here is a sampling of our A/B landing page tests, focused on improving the mobile experience.

Test:  Update Call-To-Action (CTA) text and changed the text to black on a white background, to improve mobile readability.

ResultsVariation I increased form submissions by 15.45%

Landing Page Test - Variation 1 Increased Form Submissions by 15%

Test:  Add an asterisk (*) to required form fields to improve clarity of requirements on mobile devices.

Results: Variation I increased form submissions by 14.24%

Landing Page Test - Variation 1 Increased Form Submissions by 14%

Test:  Add an anchor link to the red triangle to enable mobile users to easily/quickly scroll down to the registration form.

Results: Variation I increased form submissions by 12.20%

Landing Page Test - Variation 1 Increased Form Submissions by 12.20%


By focusing our landing page testing plan on the majority of visitors (mobile users) we were able to devise a testing plan that positively impacted the mobile experience and further increased leads.

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